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Our Pedal Specs

These are the things that make our pedal completely different than anything on the market today!

Air Cylinder

The Airlogic bass drum pedal does not make use of springs, either expansion, or compression to provide the return force. Airlogic is the only pedal that utilizes compressed air to provide the return action. Springs have a property known as a spring constant that produces a straight line on a graph when spring return force is plotted as a function of beater displacement. No matter what spring you use this will always produce a linear graph or straight line. The air cylinder on the Airlogic pedal makes use of compressed air which produces a pneumatic force to return the beater. When this pneumatic force is plotted as a function of beater displacement a graph that is hyperbolic or nonlinear results.

Air Pressure Gauge

The air cylinder is equipped with an air pressure gage that is calibrated in pounds per square inch (PSI). The gage measures the amount of air pressure or return force in the cylinder to provide the beater return. The gage will increase approximately 10 to 20 PSI when the footboard is depressed from the starting or neutral position to the position where the beater makes contact with the bass drum head.

Air Pressure Relief Valve

Air pressure can be released from the air cylinder by depressing the rubber ball in the relief valve located directly below the gage. Depress this rubber ball using your finger or drum stick. It is possible to feather small amounts of air pressure out of the cylinder using this valve. If you let too much air out simply use the built-in pump to increase the pressure until you get the desired setting. Another advantage of the air cylinder over a spring is that it provides the drummer with the ability to quantify the return force he is using. This provides the drummer with the ability to get the same feel regardless of temperature changes or spring fatigue that are inherent in all spring pedals.

True Center, Off-Center Adjustable Drive

In addition to the unique air system as discussed above, the Airlogic pedal also incorporates a patented drive mechanism that provides the drummer with the ability to adjust between a true center drive configuration to two different off center or cam settings. Before the Airlogic pedal was introduced, a drummer had to decide when selecting a bass drum pedal whether he wanted a true center drive or an off center cam drive. Unfortunately, many drummers have never had the opportunity to learn the difference between true center and off center drives. A true center drive pedal produces a uniform feel throughout the beater travel. This is accomplished by keeping the distance from the main axle to edge of the drive sprocket constant throughout the beater travel. Although the true center drive is the most predictable, it is not the fastest drive setting. An example of a true center drive pedal would be a Camco pedal, Speed King pedal or an Axis pedal. The Axis pedal does have the ability to adjust the moment or lever arm, however, it remains a true center pedal in all positions. An off center drive or cam setting is different from a true center drive in that the distance from the main axle to the edge of the drive sprocket or cam decreases as the beater approaches the bass drum head. Although the cam or off center setting does not provide a uniform feel as found in the true center setting, the cam setting provides more speed as the beater approaches the bass drum head. The off center cam setting will provide the drummer with more speed but a little less power than the true center setting. An example of an off center or cam pedal is the DW accelerator pedal. As stated above, Airlogic holds the patent rights to true center/off center adjustability and offers the only pedal that gives the drummer one pedal that incorporates both of these settings. In addition to the true center and off center settings, we have included a third setting that we call the reverse cam. This setting operates opposite of the off center cam in that the distance from the main axle to the edge of the sprocket or cam increases as the beater approaches the bass drum head. This reverse cam setting provides the drummer with a setting that offers more power but a little less speed. The Airlogic pedal is the only pedal that has this power setting

Thank you for considering our pedals!

Once again, we would like to thank you for considering Airlogic Percussion bass drum pedals. We hope the innovative design and quality of manufacture will assist you in reaching new levels of proficiency in your bass drum work. Please feel free to contact us at the numbers mentioned in the introduction of this manual if you need assistance or have any questions or comments.