No Pedal Like It!

Airlogic has redesigned bass drum pedal technology to offer the most innovative and responsive pedal available anywhere. In fact it has been nearly 100 years since the bass drum pedal has seen true innovation in design. Return springs have finally given way to a much more natural and responsive air technology. This air force coupled with the many other unique features make the Airlogic pedal the most advanced and technologically superior pedal on the market. We have taken great pride and care in developing and building each pedal. Every Airlogic pedal is precision machined from aircraft grade aluminum, you will not find any die cast components on an Airlogic pedal. We also use the finest bearings, hardware, and other proprietary materials we have developed that add to the overall quality of design and manufacture.

Air Cylinder vs Springs

The Airlogic bass drum pedal does not make use of springs, either expansion, or compression to provide the return force. Airlogic is the only pedal that utilizes compressed air to provide the return action. No matter what spring you use this will always produce a linear graph or straight line. The air cylinder on the Airlogic pedal makes use of compressed air which produces a pneumatic force to return the beater.

Return Force vs Beater Travel

This graph illustrates the fact that less force is required at the beginning of the stroke and ramps-up exponentially as the beater approaches the bass drum. This difference provides a pedal that is faster than a spring pedal and at the same time much more controllable.

Our Pedals

We offer a variety of colors in either single or double configurations. If a custom color is required please let us know.